About CFC


My name is Laura and I love formulating vegan, zero waste, eco friendly makeup. I do not charge anything with crystals. I do not infuse anything with unicorn tears under the full moon. I do not claim that any of my offerings will cure you of any or all of your current problems/life issues/ailments. I just make really good makeup that won't hurt your skin or the environment. That might have been a humble brag. Sorry about that. 💙🌱


Mostly organic. Completely vegan. Zero waste AF.💙💄♻️🌱

Pro-facts. Anti-fearmarketing.

CFC is almost completely zero waste and plastic free! I have recently reformulated many of my offerings to be plant based and now have mica free options.

CFC offers
--Wholesale pricing on orders of 50+ units (feel free to mix & match)
--White labeling
--Party favors

A: We don't use fear-mongering/fear-marketing language around here! One thing you can do TODAY to help the low-waste community is stop using the extremely problematic, "scare-tactic" language that is ever so rampant in this day and age, thanks to certain influencers' and brands' consumer marketing being portrayed as medical advice. Instead, consider asking questions such as "Does this product contain [insert allergen here]?" "Is this product ethically sourced, and do you have documentation of that?" "May I see the MSDS for [insert material here]?" Let's work together to stop misinformation.

Oh, and yes, CFC's products are "nOn-ToXiC" unless there is an ingredient in the product in question to which you are allergic. I also cannot guarantee that there is no cross-contamination at this time.

Also. Everything is made of chemicals. Period. If I offered " chemical free " makeup, I would just be selling you empty containers. Lolllll...

ALLERGY WARNING: CFC's products are made in a facility ("facility" is a fancy word for my spare kitchen. Rest assured, the space is free of food, pets, and gross things. I can guarantee that much, at least) that also processes coconut, nuts, and gluten.

Yes, I will refill your empty container! See the individual listing of the product you'd like to refill for details. :)

Charities I make regular contributions to:
Terrapass (carbon offsets)

[more coming soon]

A black mascara in a clear glass vial sits on a pale wooden plank in the background next to a large, pale pink hibiscus.  In the foreground is a tan bamboo spoolie with mascara on it.  Green/bright floral background details