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A) Yes, I do returns! HOWEVER, since returns a) create unnecessary waste, and b) are a 100% loss for my shop (since I, of course, do not resell anything), I would prefer that you only return what you really, truly cannot use (feel free to ask an unlimited amount of questions and ask for swatches beforehand!). Do NOT purchase a collection of products to wear for an event with the intention of returning them later. I will, unfortunately, have to throw everything out, which is wasteful. I would also recommend against purchasing CFC products as a gift for someone who is not already familiar with zero-waste makeup, as these products are not for beginners. Thank you for your understanding!


A) 1 week.  I am a one woman operation.  This is the best I can do for now.

Q) Are your micas ethically sourced?

A) -YES. I purchase the mica used in CFC's products from a cruelty-free supplier based on the West coast here in the US. The mica itself is mined in Germany and the US. Be assured that I would NEVER, EVER use mica (or anything else) from an unethical source.

Q) Do you do custom orders?

A) Yes! I love doing custom products/shades. Feel free to shoot me a message if you want something made just for you.

Q) Do you do wholesale/party favors?

A) I sure do! My turnaround time for wholesale orders depends on how large the order is. Shoot me a message for details.

Q) What is Red No. 40 FD&C Lake? Is it a tOxIc cHeMiCaL?

A) Absolutely not (but really, anything can be toxic if used improperly), and I would highly recommend consulting resources such as PubMed, as opposed to blogs and social media, if you're going to do your own research on that. Which you absolutely should if you want to know more about these ingredients. The red pigment I use is FDA batch certified and is an organic, NON-TOXIC iron oxide pigment. Unapologetically pro-science here. :)

Q) UM WHAT, what do you mean you're not 100% plant-based?!?!

A) After years of experimentation (before CFC opened), I found that many (but not all) plant pigments a) are extremely unpredictable in their behavior, and b) tend to cause more skin reactions than, for example, organic iron oxide pigments -- many people with seasonal/plant allergies have trouble using botanical makeup for this very reason! Many herbs (many plant-derived red and blue pigments, for some strange reason) are also VERY DANGEROUS for anyone who is pregnant, nursing, or trying to conceive.

Q) What are the shelf lives of your products?

A) CFC goes by more conservative industry standards, if that makes sense. They are as follows:
Mascara and Eyeliner -- 2-3 months
All powdered products -- 1 year
All lip products -- 6 months
All liquid + balm face products -- 6 months


Q) Is CFC cruelty-free?

A) I am and always have been 1000000000% committed to providing 100% cruelty-free products! I will NEVER compromise on that.

Mkay, we good now? 😳