Medium Glass Skin Natural Foundation and Concealer Balm
Medium Glass Skin Natural Foundation and Concealer Balm
Medium Glass Skin Natural Foundation and Concealer Balm
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Medium Glass Skin Natural Foundation and Concealer Balm

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A creamy, moisturizing organic zero waste vegan foundation balm and concealer that you can build up to full coverage. Multipurpose makeup for the win.  Can help achieve the glass skin look.

>>>Important -- please read the entire listing, so you know how to use this product.

It's finally here. You asked, and I delivered -- the ultimate minimalist foundation product. This is a very thick, buildable balm that can be built up to full coverage or buffed out with your favorite foundation brush for a more sheer look. It definitely has a dewy/natural finish, so use a setting powder afterward if you're going for a matte look. I sell a variety of those, too, if you're interested.

This foundation balm is tinted with organic cocoa powder, and it definitely smells like it -- so to all 4 of you out there who hate aware. Lol.

I have 2 sizes -- the 2 oz foundation comes in a glass jar with a metal lid, and the 0.5 oz sample/travel size comes in a metal tin with a screw top lid. I don't normally sell single samples, but I know that many of you out there just want something small to put in your hand bag, or maybe you just have really clear skin and tend to not go through lots of foundation/concealer (lucky you, can't relate haha). If you're interested in more than just this particular product, the sample kit is actually a better deal, and you can find that here.

>>>Directions (please read):

The top will look slightly ashy and speckled. There may be some small air bubbles. This is normal and will not alter the effectiveness of the product. Scoop out a bit with your fingers, or a craft stick if you're concerned about contamination. Since the base of this product is organic, unrefined shea butter, you may have to let it melt in your hand a bit if you live in a cooler climate. Apply with your fingers or your favorite foundation or concealer brush (I personally recommend using brushes). It MAY look a bit ashy at first, but it will oxidize. It just takes the zinc oxide a moment to fade (as it does when you put on sunscreen). Feel free to blend it out or build it up to the coverage you desire.

This product is not waterproof, so it can be removed easily with oil, rosewater, or your favorite cleanser.

Those of you who have been following CFC for awhile know how long I've been working on this -- I wanted to wait until I had something dang near perfect, and I think this is it. Only took 6 years, haha. I truly hope you enjoy. <3

Ingredients: organic shea butter, organic fractionated coconut oil, organic rosehip oil, organic cocoa powder, kaolin clay, non nano zinc oxide

Shelf life -- 6 months

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

By making a purchase you agree to not to hold Clean-Faced Cosmetics or any officer of the company liable for any loss or injury incurred using Clean-Faced Cosmetics products.

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