Warm Brown Natural Bronzer & Eyeshadow
Warm Brown Natural Bronzer & Eyeshadow
Clean Faced Cosmetics

Warm Brown Natural Bronzer & Eyeshadow

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This loose pigment zero waste vegan bronzer also functions as eyeshadow. Tinted with organic cocoa powder and turmeric. Choose between shimmer and matte finish. The matte is great for contouring.

Each comes in a 1/2 oz. tin.

>>> A note on turmeric -- this stuff can be hard to get off your face, especially if you're on the paler side. But it doesn't have to be. Simply put your oil of choice on a cloth and hold it against your face for a minute or so before gently rubbing to remove the product and lift away the yellow-ness.

Ingredients: organic cocoa powder, organic turmeric, white mica (mica, titanium dioxide -- shimmer version only)

Regarding mica -- Rest assured, all of CFC's mica is ethically sourced. If you would like documented proof, I can get that for you.

Shelf life -- 1 year

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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